Do You Aspire to Be a Calgary Real Estate Broker?

If you are already a producing broker with a book of business and are looking to change firms, you want all the information you can check here.

Jobs or affiliations in the financial stockbroker, financial advisor, insurance broker or independent broker are out there. It’s just a matter or finding the right fit. This includes, payout (percentage broker receives from trades), products the brokerage firm offers and the support from their main office regarding documents and compliance issues. Let’s face it, most FINRA firms will look to sell you on all of their services. The types of brokers vary and the firm they will want to look for will be different.

Independent FINRA Broker

Series 7 Stockbrokers, Investment Advisors and Experienced Insurance Agents are good candidates to work as an independent. To operate as an independent broker, you still need to be connected to a registered FINRA firm. They are the firm that will process your trades, provide the support you need and perhaps sponsor you for principle exams like the Series 24 or the Series 9 and 10. This route requires more in-office work for you, as you may have the firm’s backing and resources, other things like hiring a receptionist and other expenses may not be covered by the brokerage firm.

Series 7 Licensed Producer Looking To Switch Firms

There are many successful brokers, stockbrokers and traders looking to switch firms and retain their book of business. There are great opportunities for these individuals as there are many firms both large and small that would welcome you joining their FINRA licensed brokerage firm. We have helped thousands of these licensed brokers find the right firm for them as well as other recruiting firms.

Stockbroker Trainees – Entry Level Brokers

Yes, you can find a great job with a solid firm with no experience at all as a broker. It helps to have contacts going in, whether you are a CPA, Tax Attorney, Mortgage Broker or other financial positions. A stockbroker trainee looking to get hired by a firm will undergo in-house training, which includes Series 7 sponsorship. Good communication skills are a must, being comfortable on the phone and a drive to succeed. A stockbroker job is a sales position. Some firms will provide leads or have you work with an existing broker producer. Firms will gamble on someone who presents themselves well and has the desire to do very well in the broker business.

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